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    時代線纜  用心做好線

    We put our heart in cable.


    公司創辦于2000年,通過ISO90012008質量管理體系認證、CCC國家強制認證、廣電入網認證、泰爾認證、RoHS環保認證、耐火阻燃認證、CE安全認證。 公司主要產品有:三類、超五類、六類數據電纜;SYV50-3、SYV75-3、SYV50-5、SYV75-5視頻線纜;SYWV75-5、SYWV75-7、SYWV75-9、SYWV75-12射頻同軸線纜;BV、BVR、RV、RVS、RVV、RVVP、KVV、KVVPCCC線纜;光纖光纜、電梯電纜;話筒線、視頻線、金銀線及音響工程線纜;





    Yangzhou Shidai Cable Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful historical and cultural city——Yangzhou, with superior geographical position and convenient transportation in right place at right time. 

    Established in 2000, the company has been awarded ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, CCC national compulsory certification, radio and television network access certification, TLC, RoHS environmental protection certification, fire-proof and flame-retarded certification and CE safety certification. Main products of the company are category 3, 5e, 6 data cable, SYV50-3, SYV75-3, SYV50-5, SYV75-5 video cable, SYWV75-5, SYWV75-7, SYWV75-9, SYWV75-12 RF coaxial cable, BV, BVR, RV, RVS, RVV, RVVP, KVV, KVVP CCC cable, optical fiber cable, elevator cable, microphone wire, video wire, gold and silver wire and audio engineering cable, CATV5-1000 MHZ branch distributor, user terminal box, 550 MHZ, 750 MHZ trunk amplifier, light reception, light emission, optical devices,  power supplies, etc.

    Our products are spreading all over the country and the company has received generally well from users due to introducing the most advanced production and testing equipments, having abundant technical force, scientific management system, advanced production facilities, perfect detection method, and excellent sales services.

    Shidai people are innovative, never satisfied, striving for excellence and never giving up. We believe that the upward vigour, strong enterprise and harmonious team spirit of Shidai people will attract your sincere eyes! We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life come to our company to guide work, discuss business, and cooperate with us hand in hand for common development.

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